We already posted Andre Iguodala’s tweets after the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC Championship Game over the San Francisco 49ers. To keep you from having to click over to that story, here are the two tweets @andre posted about the man who broke up Colin Kaepernick’s final pass attempt of the season.

Most assumed the above tweets were about Richard Sherman, since they were posted within minutes after Sherman went off on Michael Crabtree during a postgame interview with Erin Andrews.

After Iguodala spoke with a group of reporters in the locker room following the Golden State Warriors’ 121-120 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, I asked him about what he tweeted without mentioning Sherman’s name. Turns out I didn’t have to, perhaps because Iguodala knows that what he posted spurred a lot of conversation and questions, not to mention articles from outlets including Grantland, Deadspin and The Atlantic.

Here’s our brief exchange about those tweets, and how he felt when his favorite team lost the NFC Championship Game.


Q: I know you’re a big Niners fan. You had a couple tweets recently, would you mind explaining what those were about?

Iguodala: I’m more of a dry sense of humor type of guy, so I’m just having fun with it. I’m actually a fan of Richard Sherman’s just because of his background, environment, where he’s from. He’s a very intelligent African-American. I’m a big fan of his. I was just joking around with the situation. We’re in this day and age, where whatever you say can be taken out of context. It can be as simple as the word “happy.” So that’s what it basically is, it’s nothing deeper than that.

Q: Have you met him before?

Iguodala: No, I’ve never met him. I just know about him, know he went to Stanford, know where he’s from. He’s one of the best at what he does. He’s in the NFL, that alone says a lot about a guy. Just like any other player, any sport, it’s tough to get there, so I wish all those guys nothing but the best.