While there are others on this current team who have been in the organization longer, Andre Ethier is the leader in the house with 1003 games played since 2006. While several players have played 1000+ games in that time period only 8 have done it for one team and of those 8, only 5 have remained with one franchise. The 8 players who have played 1000+ games for one team since 2006 are Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano, Paul Konerko, Brandon Phillips, Michael Young, Nick Markakis, David Wright and Ethier. Both Konerko and Phillips played for other organizations prior to 2006 and Michael Young has moved on to Philadelphia after his long career in Texas.

The last Dodger to start his MLB career as a Dodger and to play over 1000 games for the team was Adrian Beltre and before that, Eric Karros.

Ethier now has over 1100 plate appearances against left-handed pitching. He has this line .238/.296/.352 with 238 strikeouts and 19 home runs. His real issue is on the road against left handed pitching, in his career, in 537 plate appearances, he is hitting .198/.259/.286 with 4 home runs, 122 strikeouts and 35 walks. At home, he's doing better at .275/.331/.414 with 15 home runs, 116 strikeouts and 34 walks.