Each time he was intentionally fouled, Andre Drummond calmly stepped to the free-throw line, ignoring Cavaliers coach Byron Scott's intimation he couldn't make free throws and the raucous Cleveland crowd jeering at him.

Drummond, a 34 percent free-throw shooter, merely went about his business in his career-best night, and the strategy wound up working against the Cleveland Cavaliers, who fouled Drummond one time too many, leading to a 111-104 Pistons win at Quicken Loans Arena.

Drummond finished with 29 points and 11 rebounds in 34 minutes, the best night of his young NBA career.

Drummond was intentionally fouled seven times between the 5:20 and two-minute mark, when it's well within the NBA rules to send bad free-throw shooters to the line. He split each time except for the last trip, when he made both.

Most players take the move as disrespect, but the 19-year old Drummond playfully looked at it as an opportunity to pad his stats, which is why he didn't flinch when Cavaliers players told him, "I'm about to foul you."

"It gives me more points, puts us in the lead," said Drummond. "At first I tried to avoid it but there's no point because they're gonna see the fear. What are you going to run for? I tried to build confidence and that's what I did today."

The move overshadowed what was already a career night for Drummond as he made his first nine shots, all dunks and layups, terrorizing the Cavaliers' bigs. He and Greg Monroe had their best game in tandem as Monroe finished with 23 points and eight rebounds.

Monroe's basket with 38 seconds left broke a 103-all game as he drove Tristan Thompson, spun and hit a layup with his right hand. Reserve guard Will Bynum scored every basket from the six-minute mark before Scott ordered his team to foul Drummond, with seven of his 16 during that stretch.

Veteran Corey Maggette told Drummond to take his time and not worry about the ancillary details, and Drummond took it to heart.

It happens to every great big man with a glaring deficiency, and it will continue to happen until Drummond is able to hit free throws consistently. But he felt like he needed this to grow up a little, and he showed some mental mettle, much to the delight of his teammates, who playfully chided him in the locker room afterwards.

"I knew I needed them for us to win," Drummond said. "Some rolled in, some went out but they were good shots.