Craig Anderson's first moments in a Senators jersey were downright comical.

After obtaining him from the Colorado Avalanche, the team had sent a plane to Denver to fetch the 29-year-old goalie because a commercial flight wouldn't get him to Ottawa in time to back up Robin Lehner in a game against the Boston Bruins.

Turns out the private jet didn't either. Anderson arrived at Scotiabank Place and, while putting his gear on, noticed there were about nine minutes left in the first period. He finally scampered out to rinkside and tapped Pascal Leclaire on the shoulder, allowing his new pal to go back to the dressing room.

Players on the bench near where Anderson settled reached over to shake his hand and introduce themselves. He knew exactly nobody on his new team. One of the equipment guys tried to give him a cap for his shiny head, but there would be no fit.

"They were too big," Anderson recalled with a laugh Saturday morning.

This was all captured on the SBP's lousy centre-ice scoreboard, and when fans saw Ottawa's new puck-stopper they cheered, causing the grin on Anderson's face to grow.

"I guess if you could write a book about the behind-the-scenes stuff, that would go in it," he said of the events on Friday. "I think for my sake it was a good experience. Something that's going to be a good story down the road."

Ottawa, originally dubbed the "Goalie Graveyard" by the TEAM 1200's John Rodenburg, can only hope.