The Seattle Mariners have been linked to Michael Morse for some time, in part because he used to be one of them. When Morse was a Mariner, the two were linked quite often. Then Morse was no longer a Mariner, and he had success with the Nationals, but last year there was talk the Nationals could trade him back to the M's. Now, today, the Nationals have finally re-signed first baseman Adam LaRoche, meaning they're basically guaranteed to move Morse somewhere. The Mariners, therefore, are emerging in rumors again. There are Michael Morse trade rumors, as a consequence of the LaRoche contract, and the Mariners are seen as a likely suitor.

Here's why:

(1) Morse hits

(2) Mariners need hits?

That's basically it. The way people think of the Mariners is that the Mariners need hitters. Michael Morse is a hitter, almost purely, so the dots connect themselves. Why wouldn't the Mariners want a guy who could improve their offense, which lately has been a pretty bad offense?