With the Dolphins absent from the Super Bowl for the 28th consecutive season, we asked a panel of former general managers and analysts how Miami should attack this offseason. Some feedback:

### Most advocated trying to sign an impact receiver in free agency instead of trying to find one in a draft without a sure-fire Julio Jones or A.J. Green-type prospect.

Support was split between Mike Wallace and Greg Jennings, with none expressing a preference for Dwayne Bowe, Wes Welker or anyone else.

The sense here is there's a very good chance Miami will pursue Wallace, with Jennings also in the mix.

"Wallace makes sense because he's a speed guy who gives you explosiveness," NFL Network's Joe Theismann said. "They've gone the Dwayne Bowe route with Brandon Marshall. And in Hartline, you have a Greg Jennings type. In fact, Hartline is probably faster than Jennings at this point."