Now that the dust has settled on the exciting news surrounding Tom Brady's contract extension and the details of the deal have been released, it's time to take a bit of a step back, really asses the situation, and look at this deal for what it is. While it's impossible to argue that it was anything other than a team-first deal that left a lot of money on the table, set the Patriots up wonderfully in terms of the salary cap, and ensured that New England will remain competitive for the next several years, it's not like Brady got absolutely nothing out of the deal. Let's take a slightly more objective look at what this deal means that isn't the "Oh my Lord, I love that man" mentality that has been circling the Northeast like a pack of fat camp escapees around a stalled ice cream truck.

Significant signing bonus. Tommy B netted a cool $30 million dollars taking his little hometown discount, which is no small amount of money. That's also quite a bit of cash up front, which makes his insanely low base salary and soft cap hit seem a little bit less charitable than our initial impressions. It's also important to note that Brady didn't take any kind of pay cut with this new deal; in fact, he's scheduled to make $3 million more in the first two years of this deal than he would have before he restructured.