The trickle of vitriol began Thursday night.

Before Danny Amendola even took his first snap as a Patriot the Twitterati were asking “Tell me why the Patriots didn’t re-sign Wes Welker again?”

Welker showing he’ll be just as outstanding catching passes from Peyton Manning as he was for Tom Brady figured big in the Denver Broncos season-opening win. With nine catches for 67 yards and two touchdown receptions a lot of people weren’t going to wait around to see if Amendola could play as well on Sunday as Welker had.

"Cheap-ass Patriots will live to regret not re-signing Welker."

And this was from people in New England a mentality fed somewhat by a high regard for Welker and even more for a swath of the local populace that feels the need to kick rocks whenever possible.

By halftime Sunday that vitriol trickle turned into a cascade. Amendola was doubled over on the sidelines with a groin injury and the strange desire to have Amendola fulfill his injury-prone rep won out. Derisive tweets questioning Amendola’s toughness rained down.

The sampling at the bottom of this story represents a fraction of the ones directed my way.

Yet 30 minutes of football later not a peep.

“He gets a little dinged up and it turns into a big deal” scoffed Amendola’s teammate LeGarrette Blount. “And how many yards did he have receiving?”