The Knicks have said that if they made it to the second round Amar’e Stoudemire would join them. But Wednesday, the prediction was no longer quite so solid.

"He’s making progress, but he’s not ready to play in this series," coach Mike Woodson said before Game 5 of the opening-round series. "Provided he doesn’t have any setbacks, he’s looking pretty good. If we can get through this series tonight we have some days to practice with him and maybe he has an opportunity to have some contact, that’s what he needs more than anything. If we can do that and there’s no setbacks then we’ll evaluate it and see where he is and maybe he can play. We’ll see."

But asked if he was ready for contact in practice yet, Woodson said, "Not yet, not yet."

He added that if the Knicks had an extended break with the Pacers and Hawks entering Wednesday tied at two games each, he might not take time off from practice.

"We’ve got to help Amar’e along a little bit too," Woodson said. "We’re going to have some guys who are ready to play, maybe some of the guys haven’t played a lot of minutes in this series, maybe set them to play some where he can get some contact because he’s going to need that before we make the decision to put him back in a uniform."