We caught up with Alvin Gentry the other day and gave him the chance to say, “told you so” about the Suns.

Of course, Gentry was replaced by Lindsey Hunter in January when the Suns were 13-28. They are 10-20 since Hunter took over.

Not much difference. And there certainly have been no signs that this was a team that should have competed for a playoff spot.

But Gentry took the high road. He said he doesn’t watch the Suns much, although he worked NBA TV’s studio during their loss Sunday to the Nets.

He’s moving on.

So, we asked him about his plans for next season, his thoughts on Dan Majerle’s hiring at Grand Canyon, the NCAA tournament and some other stuff.

THI: Are you going to wait for another head coaching opportunity in the NBA, or would you consider a job as an assistant or even as a college coach?

AG: “I’ve spent some time thinking about all three of those, really. Hey, I’ve got nothing but time!

“Obviously, I’d prefer to be a head coach. That would be my goal. I had eight really good years here (in Phoenix). Obviously, this season wasn’t what I thought it would be.

“But I made friendships that will last forever. The thing is, there are some really good people affiliated with the Suns organization, and not just people on the basketball side.

“What happened this season, I won’t let it tarnish what happened over eight years here.