Alonzo Gee has been the source of some controversy for Cavs' fans this year. He's been forced to play more minutes than any other Cavalier. Unfortunately, those minutes haven't been perfect. David Zavac and I decided to hash out the differences we have in our opinions on Gee in an email thread. This is what ensued:

Sam: What's up, David? Good to get to discuss this topic in a little bit more detail than we get to on Twitter. Last night we had a little bit of this discussion. Where do you see Gee fitting long-term? I think you see him as more of a piece moving forward than I do.

David: I do see Gee being a valuable part of the team, for the foreseeable future. Before I get into what role I envision, I should admit that there are some biases that color my views on Alonzo Gee, and my guess is they are there for a lot of Cavaliers fans. Every Cavs fan is on board with the rebuild, as far as I can tell. There are a lot of disagreements on whether it's on track, or if Chris Grant or Byron Scott are the right ones to lead it, but most people are pretty understanding of the fact that the process is going to take time. In the meantime, the Cavs are now in their third year of giving Developmental League players serious playing time.