No truth to the irresponsible rumor that when the final out of last night's 6-3 loss was recorded, principal owner John Henry sent out an addendum to Monday's email stating "P.S. And furthermore, the impact of umpiring crews on the Red Sox [team stats] this season should not be discounted.''

Nope, didn't happen. A complete falsehood.

Henry didn't have to write such a missive, of course.

The players scripted their own protest for the injustice meted out to them by the men in blue. The Sox' frustration boiled over to the point where their best player, Dustin Pedroia [stats], got tossed by first base umpire Paul Nauert; their manager, Bobby Valentine, came within half a syllable of his own heave-ho and starter Jon Lester [stats] stared a hole through home plate umpire Lance Barrett.