On August 19th Ty Lawson was arrested on domestic violence charges. Police reports later indicated both he and his girlfriend had been arrested and that the incident involved the couple breaking each other's phones. Lawson was adamant that the charges were unfounded. On Wednesday a Colorado court spokesman announced that all charges had been dropped in the incident.

The domestic violence case against Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson has been dropped.

Lisa Pinto a spokeswoman for 18th Judicial District Attorneys Office said Tuesday that "based on our continued investigation and developments after the filing of the cases we dismissed the cases in the interest of justice."

Lawson and his girlfriend were arrested following a fight at their home in August.

At media day nearly two weeks ago Lawson said he was ready to put the incident behind him. Lawson said: "This is what I live for the basketball court. This is my safe haven."