After a tumultuous summer Daniel Alfredsson was finally back to doing what he does best -- playing hockey.

Alfredsson made his Red Wings debut Friday at Joe Louis Arena -- wearing No. 11 ... so long Dan Cleary. Alfredsson took part in an informal practice session with several teammates including captain Henrik Zetterberg.

“It felt good to finally come here and skate” Alfredsson said. “It’s been a few months since I signed and the only thing that has happened is moving the family.

“We arrived yesterday and coming here skating with the guys almost makes it feel that it’s real now.

“I’m excited to be here and I’m really looking forward to this challenge and what I can do for the team. Hopefully I can have a good year.”

Last week Alfredsson and his family were in Detroit looking at houses. His family spent time with Johan Franzen’s family and Alfredsson came down to the arena to visit with staff and meet with Wings GM Ken Holland.

“I feel I’m getting use to the surroundings a little bit” Alfredsson said. “This is a really exciting adventure for me and my family.”

You could tell that Alfredsson was relaxed and just glad to be back on the ice. His decision to leave the Senators after 17 years sent shock waves throughout Ottawa and Canada. It seems a day hasn’t gone by when his defection to Detroit isn’t brought up north of the border.

“I was in Sweden at the time but I knew it was going to be a big story” Alfredsson said about his leaving the Senators. “If I was in Ottawa I may have a different feeling than I have right now."

Being back in Sweden was a buffer between Alfredsson and the Canadian press which was highly critical of his move.