Fairly certain that the only guy who actually thought Redskins running back Alfred Morris would have a big year in 2012 was our own fantasy expert Dave Richard. OK, maybe Dave, Mike/Kyle Shanahan, Howard Schnellenberger and Morris himself. But still, a small group.

Maybe including Morris might even be a mistake -- he admitted in a recent interview that he felt like a "lost little puppy" during his rookie season.

“Last year, I was going in there like a lost little puppy,” Morris said. “This year, having had that experience and gaining that knowledge of last year, I'm a lot more confident and more comfortable. The more comfortable you get with it, the better you can go out there and do it. It eliminates the thinking process. You can go out there and have some fun."

Now, having thrown out the quotable portion of this piece, let me point out that Alf is one of the most balanced, smart, humble and driven kids you'll ever meet. Dude drives a '91 Mazda. (Morris is three years older than his own car and he plays professional football for a living; Stop, think about how old you were in 1991 and get back to me.)

This is all part of him getting how much better he can be in the system that the Shanaclan run in Washington. He was fabulous running behind (alongside?) Robert Griffin III in 2012 and, because of the one-cut, zone-running system the Skins run, he has a good shot at having a big 2013 as well.