Two days before the Patriots’ season opener in Buffalo Bill Belichick could have more roster-altering news dumped in his lap.

That’s now the day Alfonzo Dennard will have his probation hearing.

Dennard was expected to be in court yesterday but the hearing was bumped to next Friday. So instead of having more than a week to plan for Dennard possibly being thrown in jail Belichick may face a Plan B much quicker.

Leave it to Belichick though to succinctly sum up the whole Dennard mess and potential predicament it will create on the eve of the season opener: ‘‘It’s out of our control.’’

However the Pats coach may be already 12 steps ahead. He’s already mapped out all the scenarios. As it is Dennard who finished last season as a starting cornerback hasn’t been on the field much due to injury.

So we’ve seen a healthy dose of Kyle Arrington normally the slot corner playing outside in Dennard’s spot. He’s fared pretty well in three preseason games playing opposite Aqib Talib but again that’s not the plan that best suits the secondary.

But it could very well be the plan that’s dialed up should Dennard wind up behind bars for the season opener which is possible.

In April Dennard was placed on probation and sentenced to 30 days in jail after being convicted of assaulting a police officer. His arrest in July on suspicion of DUI is a possible violation of that parole and may force him to start that sentence immediately as opposed to after the season which is how it was laid out by the courts. He might also land a heavier sentence than the 30 days.

The bottom line is it all leads to uncertainty for Belichick. One move impacts so many other parts of a secondary that’s struggling as it is to get off the mat from last season.

Dennard has been on the field practicing this week and is likely to see some game action tomorrow against the Giants. Prior to being hurt he was playing pretty well like a No. 2 cornerback.

Safety Devin McCourty said there wasn’t much anyone could do.

‘‘We play like he’s here right now. He’s here but it’s kind of like an injury’’ he said. ‘‘If he’s not here you’ve got to be ready. If he goes down you have to have guys that are ready. But for us when he’s here that’s how we practice like he’s (going to be) here. He’s in there and he’s playing.

“I think that’s the key thing. When he’s here we want him to be here mentally and that’s what he’s doing. He’s doing his part.’’