Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs believes English teams are lacking the world-class players needed to win the Champions League.

Giggs harked back to the recent Champions League triumphs of Liverpool, United and Chelsea and claimed the quality of English squads has dropped in the last five years.

And the winger-turned-pundit thinks there is an absence of top-quality players in the Premier League which is leaving English sides trailing in the wake of some of Europe's elite.

'It has been a factor throughout the performances of English teams in the Champions League that the quality simply is not there any longer, or not as it was when English clubs had that good run in the competition from 2005 to 2012' Giggs wrote in his Telegraph column.

'It seems the very best players are concentrated elsewhere, and there is just a sprinkling of the leading players in the Premier League sides.

'Aside from Sergio Aguero and Alexis Sanchez it is hard to think of the world-class players in the English Champions League squads this season.