The Washington Capitals have always wanted Alexander Semin to score. His $6.7 million salary this season was fit for a sniper who fills up the net.

Semin, who scored 21 goals this season, the fewest since his rookie year, wants to be used in more than just a scoring role, according to agent Mark Gandler. Semin's agent said Tuesday that the 28-year-old winger needs a place where he's given more opportunities.

"Alex has been a shining example of a sense of player's responsibility to his defensive obligations. Look at his plus-minus or look at just the game," Gandler said in a phone conversation. "He's always first guy back. He plays great in short-handed situations. He is not a slacker. He doesn't hang on the red line. He has so much to give to whatever team wants to give him a full-time player role. That's where we are."