Cuban infielder Alexander Guerrero is back to being a free agent again after apparently coming close to signing a deal with the Dodgers and it is believed that the Red Sox Reds Rangers and Giants are among other teams that may have some interest.

The Braves were a team that was listed earlier as another potential suitor for Guerrero but it's hard to know for sure as this case has taken one very strong turn already.

Guerrero was reported to have been "close" to a Dodgers deal said to be for $32 million over five years only a week ago.

No one is talking about that deal now but there are people close to the team who suggested there definitely had been optimism at some point that Guerrero would become a Dodger. Now Guerrero has switched agents and is being represented by Scott Boras and all parties involved agree that Guerrero remains a free agent able to sign with any of the 30 clubs.

The Dodgers are still viewed as a logical favorite though it stands to reason Guerrero may seek more than they were discussing in the first go-round. The Dodgers had immense success in the international market a year ago signing lefthanded starter Hyun-Jin Ryu from Japan and Cuban outfielder Yasiel Puig who received $42 million for seven years on a deal that shocked folks at the time but will turn out to be an enormous bargain.

Guerrero's fee agency could potentially have some effect on free-agent-to-be Robinson Cano since the big-market bigger-spending Dodgers have been speculated by some to be a possible suitor for the Yankees' star second baseman though there's been no confirmation or even evidence yet that the Dodgers would definitely make a play for Cano. Some are suggesting lately that maybe the Dodgers won't go for Cano in light of their hope to sign star pitcher Clayton Kershaw to a big deal that's likely to be for about $200 million but it's possible that an inability to sign Guerrero (or perhaps Kershaw) could change things.

Dodgers GM Ned Colletti declined to comment on the Guerrero situation citing policy not to discuss player negotiations.