It seemed so simple at the time.

The final tally will not be known until next year’s draft, but as things currently stand, the 49ers’ trade of Alex Smith has turned into a cumbersome eight-for-five deal that involves six teams – the 49ers, Kansas City, Tennessee, Green Bay, Denver and Miami.

Smith turned into a highly efficient quarterback at the right time for the 49ers.

He helped the organization go 13-3 in the 2011 regular season and advance to the NFC Championship game. And he was playing the best football at the time he exited the lineup a year later due to a concussion – never to again take a meaningful snap for the organization.

The 49ers parlayed Smith’s success into a trade that netted them a second-round draft pick in 2013. And because his new team, the Kansas City Chiefs, won more than eight games last season, the conditional third-round pick turned into a second-round pick in last week’s draft.

To determine what the 49ers actually gave up and acquired in the trade, one must follow the paper trail. And, in fact, the book on the Smith trade will not be completed until next year. The 49ers own a fourth-round pick in next year’s draft from Denver as an offshoot of the Smith deal.