One agent at the NFL scouting combine was telling me about a client.

"There's going to be a market for him," he said. "A lot of teams are asking about him. . ."

And, then, he caught himself.

"I mean, a lot of teams are interested in the position he plays," the agent clarified . . . perhaps.

Each year the scouting combine brings together every coach, scout, front-office decision-maker and agent to Indianapolis. As much as the focus is on the 333 draft eligible players who are auditioning for work, it's also an important time for veterans with uncertain futures.

Quarterback Alex Smith might have been the most-talked-about player at this year's combine. For the first time, 49ers general manager Trent Baalke and coach Jim Harbaugh uttered the name "Alex Smith" and the word "trade" in the same sentence.

All indications are that the 49ers will be able to trade Smith once the trade window opens on March 12. But nothing will be (or can be) official until that point.