The Chiefs lost to the Colts 45-44 in the opening game of the playoffs and quarterback Alex Smith says it will take until the start of next season to get the “bitter taste” out of his mouth.

Memories of the game aren’t entirely bitter for Smith, however. He threw for 378 yards and four touchdowns while adding another 57 rushing yards in a performance that he says is just “a taste” of what the Chiefs offense will be capable of doing in 2014 now that they have a year with Andy Reid’s offense under their belts.

“It was our first year in the offense, we didn’t turn the ball over, we were opportunistic in the red zone, but yes we didn’t really have the entire playbook at hand, and that’s to be expected in the first year with a lot of new faces,” Smith said, via Garrett Johnston of the Kansas City Star. “So as the year went on and we got more comfortable and coach Reid got more comfortable with us and his staff, he started to trust us with more and we showed that we could handle it. By the end, I was feeling really good about things.”