In recent days as reporters from North America and all over the world have descended on Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics, the primary story lines haven’t been about athletes and their quest for gold but whether the Russian resort town on the Black Sea is ready to host the Games.

Journalists are sharing tales of their incomplete hotels, some without clean water, there are many questions about security and there’s on-going construction throughout the city. (From WorldViews: 15 reasons why Russia is not ready for the Olympics.)

Alex Ovechkin was asked about those reports Thursday morning and one of the most prominent faces of these Olympic games urged everyone to just enjoy the festivities.

“I’ve been in three Olympic games. I remember Turin and Vancouver and nobody said something bad about Vancouver and Turin. Why you guys always try to find some bad things in Sochi?” Ovechkin said. “Sometimes it’s just funny to see how people try to find – they have lights in the toilets or they have bathroom on tour.