Al Harrington was ecstatic when he looked at the Wizards‘ schedule, saw that the team would be in Indianapolis on Thanksgiving and realized that he was going to have a chance to enjoy a home-cooked meal.

Harrington then checked to see what the Wizards planned to do for the holiday and felt guilty about eating a plate of homemade turkey with all the fixings when heard that the team was going to have a catered meal at the hotel.

So he called his mother, Mona Lawton, to see if she would be able to cook a huge holiday meal for all of his teammates. Lawton had never cooked for that many people, but she told her son, “Of course.”
“It’s the first time, so she’s kind of nervous. She keeps asking, ‘You think this is enough? Enough of this? Enough of that?’ ” Harrington said with a laugh earlier this week. “I think my mom’s a pretty good cook. She don’t cook often. It’s not like she’s somebody that’s always in there, but when she go in there, she locks in.”
Lawton will have to be as she prepares a meal for 30 people that Harrington said will include fried turkey, baked turkey, ham, chicken wings, macaroni and cheese, candied yams, dirty rice, spaghetti, salad and deviled eggs.

“And all the pies, cobblers, corn bread. Everything,” Harrington said. “It’s going to be a feast. She making everything she can think of. It’s going down.”