Ran into the ghost of Al Davis after Sunday's game lurking in a hallway in the bowels of the Colts' massive stadium.

I asked Davis if he was glad to see his Raiders back on a positive track as shown in their 21-17 loss to the Colts a game the super-underdog Raiders almost pulled out of a 14-0 fire. Although I didn't mention "fire" because who knows where Davis has been.

Al sneered.

"Heck with you" Davis said but used much earthier language. "You know me better than that. Just win baby."

We chatted then I turned to walk away.

"Hey" Davis called with a derisive snarl and the man's timing was always good. "Whattta you think of my guy now?"

Al Davis' guy was/is Terrelle Pryor the wasted supplemental draft pick the misfit non-quarterback who had the football world snorting about old Al getting fooled again making another draft blunder.

On Sunday Al's final pick the man two or three of Al's head coaches truly believed would not be an NFL quarterback opened some eyes.

Pryor wasn't flawless. Making his second start - his first was in a meaningless game in last season's finale - Pryor threw two killer interceptions but he also dazzled.

He completed 19 of 29 passes for 217 yards. On a combo plate of called running plays and desperation jailbreaks he ran for 112 yards a Raiders quarterback record (Rich Gannon 85 yards against the 49ers in 2000).

A lot of us made sport of head coach Dennis Allen's attempt to gain a "competitive advantage" by not naming his starting QB until game time. It seemed like a silly tactic but as we've learned from Jim Harbaugh there's a fine line between silliness and genius.