Phil Savage works as the Executive Director for the Reese’s Senior Bowl, is a former NFL general manager and is a radio analyst for the Alabama Crimson Tide, so discussing A.J. McCarron is right in his wheel house. Savage went on the podcast for CFB 24/7 to discuss to Bama quarterback and his potential draft stock.

“I think if you asked all 32 teams right now on a bell curve, there’d be two or three teams who would have him potentially as a high second-round, maybe even late first-round pick,” Savage told the CFB 24/7 podcast. “Then there would be two or three teams that would have him in the fourth or fifth round, that are not that impressed with his arm strength, what have you.” Savage, a former executive in the NFL, added that it is unfair to solely call McCarron a “game manager.”

The important issue he hit on, whether addressing McCarron, or any prospect is the fact that there are 32 teams that will have 32 different takes on a player and a bell curve is a good way to describe it.