A.J. Ellis and Ronald Belisario filed for salary arbitration on Tuesday, in what was more of a procedural move and simply part of the process. They were two of 133 major league players to file on Tuesday.

Both Ellis and Belisario have two years, 151 days of major league service time, and are eligible for arbitration as a "Super Two," as they are in the top 22% of players with at least two years but not three years of service.

The next step in the process comes Friday, when the all players who filed for arbitration will exchange salary figures with the team. The player will submit one salary to the MLB Players Association, and the team will submit one salary to the MLB Labor Relations Department.

Back in December, after reviewing comparable players, I made educated guesses that Ellis would get paid $3 million in 2013, and that Belisario would get $1.35 million. By Friday, we we likely get to see just how far off I was.