Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge began training camp last week believing he had just hired the best coach in college basketball to lead his team for the next six years.

But even a process-driven guy like Brad Stevens isn’t going to turn a week of drills into basketball artistry.

“Camp is camp” Ainge said yesterday when asked about his initial impressions of Stevens’ first NBA training camp. “You spend most of your time doing drills.”

Some of Ainge’s initial impressions of Stevens though have simply been affirmed.

“He’s just a really hard worker and really smart” Ainge said. “You can tell that he really loves what he’s doing out there.”

Work in progress

It’s clearly going to take Stevens time to whittle down the number of combinations that are on his mind.
“Right now they are countless” Stevens said.

Yesterday in some end-of-the-day scrimmaging at the team’s practice facility the coach had Avery Bradley running the offense for the white team and the other player expected to be a lock for the starting lineup Jeff Green working with the green team.

Green appears headed for a wide range of roles from small forward to power forward to off-guard. Gerald Wallace who is admittedly more of a one-position kind of guy could be headed down a similar path as Green is following. He admits this will require some flexibility on his part.