Hat tricks happen all the time in hockey with fans littering the ice with helmets in celebration. That usually happens immediately after the third goal and before the next faceoff. Usually.

The Worcester Sharks of the AHL -- affiliate of San Jose -- are going to do things a little differently. Having missed Danil Tarasov's hat trick on the road, the team's first hat trick in 264 games, the Sharks are going to have a delayed hat trick celebration this Friday.

The first 100 fans will be given hats on the way into the arena and are encouraged to throw them back on the ice at the first intermission to celebrate. Other fans will also be encouraged to toss hats and Tarasov will then donate them to the Hat and Mittens Holiday postgame skate later this season.

That's certainly a new one, even hat tricks awarded on review usually don't get this treatment. Then again, even on the road hats will normally hit the ice whether they be from fans in opposing territory or simply from patrons who admire a good hat trick. But when Tarasov scored his third goal of the game last Saturday in Springfield, not a single hat was thrown on the ice.

Tarasov felt like he was missing out. Can you blame him?

"It would have been nice for someone to throw at least one hat," Tarasov told team broadcaster Eric Lundquist. "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around ... does it make a noise? The same can be said for a hat trick ... if someone scores three goals and no one throws a hat, is it still a hat trick?"