The Sabres say they are interested in keeping Thomas Vanek and Ryan Miller around. So far, they haven't tried to extend the contract of either one.

Buffalo's franchise goaltender and leading scorer are set to enter the final season of their deals. Though teams cannot re-sign players until July 1 of their last year, they can negotiate and agree to extensions, as evidenced by Pittsburgh's pending contract with Evgeni Malkin.

"I have not personally talked to the Sabres but expect to see them at Draft," Steve Bartlett, Vanek's agent, said via email today. "No special agenda though."

"Nothing in the way of an extension," wrote Mike Liut, the agent for Miller.

Both players have made it clear they are open to a trade. Vanek is not interested in a long-term rebuild in Buffalo.

Sabres owner Terry Pegula this week made it sound as if Vanek and Miller are in the driver's seat as to whether they stay in Buffalo.

"I can tell the fans I’m concerned, too,” Pegula said on the Sabres' radio broadcast on WGR-AM 550. “Yes, we want them here. They have a say in that decision. What that decision is, no one’s been re-signed yet, so we’re still working. … Don’t forget, they’re part of that decision.”