It was 6:15 Pacific Time when Mark Rodgers called his client, Russell Wilson, to give him the unusual news that the Texas Rangers had drafted him and now owned his rights, paying $12,000 to do it.

"He was already at the complex and I had to explain to him what happened," Rodgers said. "He knew something was up for me to call that early. He was excited."

Rodgers said more than anything, Wilson was "captivated by the idea that baseball hadn't forgotten him."

So much so that Wilson expressed a desire to go to spring training, something Rodgers reiterated late Thursday.

"I guarantee you'll see him at some point in spring training," Rodgers said. "I don't know for how long, but he'll be there. And he'll probably take grounders and hit. He won't do something crazy, but he won't just hang out."

Rodgers joked that he had to calm Seattle Seahawks officials down, confused as to why there was a baseball draft at all in the middle of December.

"He'll be under center on Sunday," Rodgers said. "He's a quarterback."

No doubt about that. Rodgers said he appreciated how general manager Jon Daniels handled the entire thing, calling Wilson and explaining that the club wasn't trying to distract or bother him. They just wanted him a part of their organization and hoped he would come to spring training and spend time with the club.