While the hockey world is waiting on Coyotes captain Shane Doan to pick a team, Doan is waiting on potential buyer Greg Jamison to determine the likelihood his bid to purchase the Coyotes will be completed.

"We're waiting to see what Mr. Jamison is going to do, now that it seems like the path has cleared to take ownership of the team," agent Terry Bross said. "It's been a little quiet from that camp."

Bross hopes to hear from the Jamison group by Friday to receive some reassurance that a sale is coming. If that doesn't happen, it's likely that Doan would begin to examine the list of 16 teams that have expressed interest in the 35-year-old winger.

"I hear tidbits back and forth in some of the NHL circles that it's going to get done and it's moving forward," Bross said. "I just haven't heard it from them yet, so I hope to hear something like that sometime before the end of the week."