Bojan Bogdanovic's buyout from Fenerbahce Ulker is written into his contract and has not been reduced, according to Bogdanovic's agent, Marc Cornstein.

Cornstein refused to get into the specifics but says the number "has not changed" since the contract was first signed. "It's a manageable figure, but it has not been reduced."

Cornstein added that the number is potentially negotiable, but it is still written in his contract as of this time.

Bogdanovic told NetsDaily in February that the buyout was $2 million.

Recent reports have pegged the buyout at $1 million and $570,000. A buyout under $575,000 would be payable entirely by the Brooklyn Nets, meaning that Bogdanovic would not have to pay any of his money out of pocket towards the buyout.