Although the New York Mets departed the postseason earlier than they hoped with a wild-card loss Wednesday, it certainly was an accomplishment to play meaningful October baseball, considering the roster's decimation because of injuries.

Now, though, the focus shifts to the offseason, beginning with Yoenis Cespedes, who is expected to opt out of his contract.

The Mets' free agents are Jerry Blevins, Bartolo Colon, Alejandro De Aza, Kelly Johnson, James Loney, Jonathon Niese (after his option is declined), Fernando Salas and Neil Walker.

Here's a primer on what to expect this offseason:

1. Opt-outta here? The Mets fully expect Cespedes will opt out of his contract five days after the World Series, because that is the financially responsible thing to do. Team officials sound as convinced as a year ago that they will be unable to retain Cespedes, given the type of payday he might command elsewhere.

If Cespedes remained with the Mets under his current terms, it would be the equivalent of agreeing to a two-year, $47.5 million contract on the open market. Cespedes probably can at least double that elsewhere on a four- or five-year deal, most likely back with an American League team.

That said, Cespedes enjoys the Mets and New York, and very much wants to remain.