Vinny Lecavalier is excited.

“Great guys and some great players here” said the Flyers' tallest centerman. “That is what is so exciting. This is a really good team. It’s one of the reasons why I wanted to come here.

“I looked at the roster and really liked this team. That is why I am excited to start here.”

There’s always excitement and anticipation around the start of a hockey training camp. This fall there truly is a difference as the Flyers open camp this morning at Wells Fargo Center.

“For me it was exciting knowing guys are coming back healthy from where we were last year” said coach Peter Laviolette.

“The man games we lost it’s exciting guys are coming back full health for the most part. It wasn’t that way last year. Claude [Giroux] went down and he’ll back. I hope it’s not a problem and I don’t think it will be from everything that I have heard.”

Giroux will be here but until his right hand is fully healed he won’t be playing games shooting pucks or taking contact.

The Flyers fell into the great abyss last season with a 2-6 start from which they never recovered and failed to make the playoffs.

They didn’t fire the coach or general manager Paul Holmgren but they did fire the goalie Ilya Bryzgalov (buyout) and had an emotional farewell presser for class guy Danny Briere (buyout).

Then came a long tortuous offseason.

“It doesn’t have the same meaning on the outside as when you are inside and competing [in the playoffs]” Laviolette said. “I think I found late spring and early summer to be hard to handle.”

All the while plans were unfolding to restock the roster.

It began with the trade for Islanders captain Mark Streit on defense; then the signing of goalie Ray Emery; finally adding Lecavalier.

Not a lot of moves but critical ones.

Everyone in and around the Flyers seem primed for this camp. Fresh start.

“I’m ready” veteran defenseman Kimmo Timonen said. “I feel like I’ve been off a really long time. Too long. To have a year like that last year sometimes it’s good to settle down and see what we did wrong together -- everybody. Coaches players management everybody.

“I hate to say it was good that we didn’t make the playoffs but at least now everybody realizes we have to work even harder and make better decisions. Sometimes you need [as a team] to go down to come back up again.”