Iconic Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss, who died Monday at age 80, arranged to pass his 66 percent controlling ownership to his six children in one entity via his trust in an effort to keep the team in the family, the Orange County Register reported.

"There is huge willingness to continue this in the Buss family," said Buss’ longtime assistant, Bob Steiner.

With that in mind, Buss long ago turned over business operations to daughter Jeanie, 51, and in recent years, as Buss’ health became an issue, he increasingly handed the basketball side of things to son Jim, 53.

Thus, according to the Register, the immediate future for the team should feel the same as it did under Buss, but there is ample reason to wonder for how long because, according to multiple media reports, Jeanie and Jim Buss have not gotten along recently.

Either could establish an ownership group—requiring an especially wealthy financier, given the franchise’s value (Forbes put it at $1 billion in January)—that takes over in the event the six children agree to cash out with a majority vote among them to sell.

That majority vote is key.

Steiner reiterated Monday: "The entity can't be split. The heirs do not own the team individually. It has to be collective."

One person in particular hopes the kids hang on to the team, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Lakers great Magic Johnson said he knows the love and respect upon which Jerry Buss, his mentor, built this empire, and he hopes the children can agree that it is worth saving.

"I know what the man wanted, and I'm hoping the kids can make that happen," Johnson told the Times.