The Bruins left here with the Stanley Cup last night, their first in 39 years, each of them shaking it emphatically over their heads, with purpose and panache, amid the customary bedlam that cascades over the ice on the NHL's championship night.

Grown men in sweat-soaked Black-and-Gold uniforms bawled like infants, laughed like school kids, hugged like best buddies home for a 25th high school reunion, and danced around Rogers Arena with the game's big silvery mug.

In the end, they won the closeout game, 4-0, just as they won the series, with exceptional goaltending from Tim Thomas (Conn Smythe winner as postseason MVP), and with a pair of deft, timely strikes each by Patrice Bergeron and Li'l Ball of Hate Brad Marchand and a pair of key assists from defenseman Dennis Seidenberg.

With three goals banked by the 17:35 mark of the second period, they proceeded to do what they did in the previous four games (three of them victories), which was to keep knocking down, turning around, tying in knots, and systematically torturing Vancouver until one almost could hear the tired, downtrodden voices of the Canucks yelp, "Enough!''

Faced with the highest-scoring, fanciest-passing, quickest transition team in the NHL, the Bruins righted themselves after losing Games 1 and 2 here by applying an old-time hockey approach, pressing their noses (led by Marchand) deep into the chests of the Canucks. As a group, though they allowed 37 shots last night, the Bruins surrendered few solid scoring chances to the Canucks, who finished the series with only eight goals, seven in regulation.