Finally, as Kevin Durant’s last-minute 3 bounced high above the rim and hung in the air before falling through the net, the Rockets had run out of comebacks.

The Rockets had come back from a 26-point deficit to take another fourth-quarter lead. They led in the last minute. But with the game on the line again, Durant nailed his 3 and the Rockets never scored again as the Thunder held on 104-101, pushing the Rockets to a 3-0 series hole from which no NBA team has ever rebounded to win the series.

That would be nearly as remarkable a comeback as the Rockets seemed to have pulled off on Saturday.

The Rockets were not just behind, they were being punished. They had gotten the Thunder attention with their fourth-quarter comeback on Wednesday. They had gotten them mad when Russell Westbrook was found to have a season-ending knee injury. The Rockets were not just down 26, they needed a comeback greater than any ever in their 10 seasons at Toyota Center.