Justin Verlander signed a contract that should make him a Tiger for life.

How he performs over the course of his contract extension will help determine whether he ends up in the Hall of Fame.

Verlander, who said he was intrigued about the chance to be the first $200-million pitcher, isn't shy about saying he wants to be a Hall of Famer.

"I really don't try to set per-se goals," he said. "If one day I could be good enough to get in the Hall, then I think everything else fell according to plan. Growing up, I see guys going into the Hall of Fame, my idols. I think it's only natural to want to be there with them."

Verlander realizes it's rare for players to stick with one team for their entire career, but that appealed to him.

"Detroit and I, I feel like I've grown up in front of these fans," he said. "To be a part of them for the rest of my career, hopefully the rest of my career -- I don't plan on being done when this contract is over -- is something I think is special to me and the city."