Kansas Jayhawks guard Josh Jackson has been accused of threatening physical violence against a player on the women's basketball team in December.

Per an affidavit filed by the Douglas County District Court, Jackson is alleged to have vandalized McKenzie Calvert's car, resulting in nearly $3,000 worth of damages, and engaged in a "verbal exchange" with Calvert outside of The Yacht Club, where players from Kansas' men's and women's basketball teams were attending a party in December.

On February 24, Jackson was charged with misdemeanor property damage for kicking the driver's door and rear taillight of Calvert's vehicle.

In the affidavit, Kansas women's basketball players Caelynn Manning-Allen and Eboni Watts were interviewed January 30. Both said they witnessed Jackson and Calvert engage in a heated discussion outside of the club. Calvert then said Jackson told her to "get out of the car and that he would beat her ass" before he damaged the car.