Indiana shooting guard Victor Oladipo has shot up Draft boards in recent weeks, ESPN Insider Chad Ford said Tuesday, as he impresses NBA decision-makers with his poise and maturity during pre-draft interviews. Ford said Oladipo could be a possibility for the Orlando Magic when they pick second overall in the 2013 NBA Draft, set for June 27th.

And though Oladipo made a name for himself with his strong on-ball defense, a story published Wednesday questions whether Oladipo may have simply fooled everyone with the eye test. Vantage Sports broke down Oladipo's defense compared with that of other perimeter prospects in the 2013 class, and he doesn't come out on top.

Oladipo's high foul rate--0.052 fouls per shot defended--raises some serious concerns, as does his points allowed per shot of 0.897. "To provide further context, Tony Allen allows .894 Points Per Shot against NBA-level talent," Vantage says.