New Patriots safety Adrian Wilson doesn’t want to be Rodney Harrison. He also doesn’t want to assume any more of a role than he’ll eventually earn.

The 33-year-old just wants to keep doing what has made him successful for the last 12 seasons, and his thought is this one could be a little more special than most.

Wilson was released by the Cardinals two weeks ago and received interest from several teams, but Bill Belichick’s initial phone call and invitation to visit Gillette Stadium swayed Wilson’s interests in a singular direction.

“Whenever coach Belichick calls, you answer,” Wilson said yesterday. “That’s not a call that you send to voicemail. Obviously, being able to be competitive every year and being able to play not only for the playoffs and the division championship, but also to have a chance to go to the Super Bowl.”

Wilson has been viewed as a physical savior for the Patriots secondary, which came together as last season progressed but lacked the pop over the middle that could strike necessary fear in opposing wide receivers. And for that, Wilson’s arrival has also drawn parallels to that of Harrison in 2003, but the younger model mentioned he isn’t one for comparisons, let alone when they involve a potential Hall of Famer.

Even while shying away from the Harrison discussion, Wilson was quick to validate his reputation for being a bruiser on the back end. Regardless of his role, he hopes that rubs off on his newest teammates.

“I was brought up in that toughness type of aspect and the aspect of setting the tone for the defense, being that guy that would go out and do whatever he had to do to let the offense know what type of day it was going to be,” Wilson said. “That’s what I came up in when I first came into the league. I’ve tried to taper my game a little bit toward the rules and what it is now. Football is physical. Football is a man’s sport. I just hope that I can convey that same message to the secondary that we have there in New England now.”