Adrian Peterson has accomplished a lot in his football career capping it off -- for now -- with last season's NFL MVP award.

This week he added another honor he truly feels happy about by gracing the newest Wheaties cereal box.

"Oh man being on the box the front cover of Wheaties man that's probably one of my greatest accomplishments" Peterson said at Minnesota Vikings training camp on Tuesday.

"Just growing up and seeing some of my heroes being put on the cover of Wheaties and now seeing myself as the face it's unbelievable. It's a great feeling. The phrase is always 'Make sure you eat your Wheaties' and that's something I grew up hearing a lot from my Mom. You just had in your mind that 'Wheaties' are going to help you get stronger to get through the day. So that's something I think about now that I'm on the front of it kind of honored."

Peterson said he remembers seeing Walter Payton and track star Michael Johnson on Wheaties boxes and one day hoping to make his own appearance.

Really after all he's done in his career being on the Wheaties box is something Peterson appreciates?

"Seriously it's one of the accomplishments that I really walk around and (am) proud of" Peterson said.

So Wheaties must be his breakfast kickstarter his favorite cereal to start the day? Well yes and no.