For those of you that lived under a rock or only watched ESPN from 2006 to 2010, Adrian Gonzalez was a San Diego Padre during that time. The team made the playoffs in 2006 and won their only playoff game that didn't occur in 1984 or 1998. In 2007 and 2010, the team won 89 and 90 games respectively. There were some leaner years in between, but Adrian didn't waver and garnered NL MVP votes, All Star selections and Gold Glove Awards in each of them. He was a star in his prime.

If you're into advanced stats like WAR, in his five seasons he accumulated the 3rd highest WAR total* in franchise history behind only Tony Gwynn (who played 20 seasons) and Dave Winfield (who played 8 seasons). He also had the 4th highest single season WAR in 2009 behind Tony Gwynn's 1997, Dave Winfield's 1979 and, of course, Ken Caminiti's NL MVP winning 1996. He had the 7th highest batting average as a Padre at .288, the 9th highest on base percentage at .374 and the 3rd highest slugging percentage at .514. He's 5th in runs scored, 6th in hits, 5th in doubles, 2nd in home runs, 4th in RBI and 6th in walks. His named is stamped all over the offensive team leaderboards.