Nico: This last year, I'm just imagining has gotta be such a whirlwind with school, baseball, the prom, the draft -- what has been like, would you say, to be you this last year?

Russell: Just about 9 months ago I was wrapping up my high school baseball season, and 9 months to now I'm here with big league guys and spring training. It's a great experience, and I'm just trying to soak everything in. I want to meet a whole bunch of people from the organization -- I want to meet all the coaches, all the managers. I got to meet the GMs -- it's really great experience. Being so young, it's just an honor to be here and it's been great so far.

Nico: What are the things that you do learn, just being able to soak up this camp. Like, what specifically have you been able to take in?

Russell: Just general knowledge of everyday baseball: Work ethic stuff, whenever you hear something like "time to get cracking, we have to go out and take our early-work BP, go field some ground balls early in the morning," just getting your repetitions in so you can be that much better at game time.

Nico: When you were younger, imagining being in a big league clubhouse, being in a big league camp, was it similar or was it really different? Because as I'm taking in the experience here (in the clubhouse), it just seems like there's so much going on, so much on your plate.

Russell: Yeah, yeah, whenever I was a kid I thought it was just going to be playing games on TV. What most people don't see is how much hard work and mental stability comes with being a professional baseball player.