The news leaked out yesterday that the Cardinals were going to be signing former Colts cornerback Teddy Williams a player with a ton of speed. The Cardinals had cut linebacker Kenny Demens to make room for Williams on the roster. What hadn’t come out is that Williams was being signed as a wide receiver.

I’ll admit the move raised eyebrows somewhat when I thought Williams was a cornerback. The Cardinals have a lot of them and I didn’t think any were doing that poorly — and to cut a linebacker to make room for another one didn’t make a lot of sense. But the idea of making Williams a wide receiver does make sense because the Cardinals are continually looking for that burner who can take the top off the defense at deep routes. This will be another attempt in that area. Brittan Golden caught a 53-yard pass in his debut in San Francisco but he’s battling a bad hamstring.

Now the Cards try Williams who has the speed credentials (his Twitter handle is @Fast_Teddy.) He is a former track guy who did not play college football and originally tried to make it as a receiver with the Cowboys. That didn’t stick nor did his attempt to play cornerback for Dallas. He did play in seven games last season for Indianapolis as a cornerback. He can return kickoffs as well