Take 5 on the Cardinals:

Warning, if you dislike snark and sarcasm and a sportswriter acting haughty -- well, I apologize in advance. But at least I told you up front ...

1. For all of the folks that want to trade Matt Adams, Oscar Taveras, Matt Carpenter, Kolten Wong or any other talented young hitter on the Cardinals’ 40-man roster: please take a deep breath, apply a cold washcloth to the forehead, calm down, and take a look ahead to 2014.

This is what you will see, and see a lot, next season:

Yadier Molina at catcher.

Matt Adams at first base.

Matt Carpenter or Wong at second base.

Undetermined at shortstop. (I'm still pulling for Pete Kozma.)

David Freese or Carpenter at third base.

Matt Holliday in left field.

Oscar Taveras in center field.

Allen Craig in right field.

And ...

Jon Jay as an all-purpose OF.