While Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright pitches less than an hour north of his team's facility against the New York Mets, his agent met with Cardinals chairman Bill DeWitt Jr. and general manager John Mozeliak about an extension for his client.

Steve Hammond said he left the meeting with the sense both sides have an interest and an urgency in reaching an agreement.

"We want to get something done before spring training ends, and that’s our goal," Hammond said after meeting for several hours with the Cardinals brass. "They have communicated clearly that they want to keep Adam here, and we’ve communicated that he wants to be here. We have to keep working on that."

Hammond declined to go into details about the negotiations.

He said there would be continuing talks over the next few days. Asked if he felt there was momentum for a deal to happen within the next week, Hammond said: "I hope there is."

He stressed that both sides are working hard to make that happen. If a deal is not struck, he added, it won't be lack of communication or effort.

"It’s just a commitment to continue to work and both sides are working hard to make that happen," Hammond said. "Both sides have to do what they think is right. We’re trying to make that happen. We’re going to be talking almost everyday."

Earlier this spring, the two sides took a "break" from negotiations because the Cardinals had been unwilling to meet the length of contract Wainwright desired. The Cardinals have acknowledged the level of pitcher Wainwright is when it comes to an annual average salary for the contract. Top-line pitchers have received more than $20 million per years in recent seasons, with the most recent deals for aces eclipsing $23 million.

At close to the same age, Phillies lefty Cliff Lee signed a five-year, $120-million deal in Philadelphia as a free agent.

Wainwright would be a free agent at the end of the season if the Cardinals and their righthander cannot reach an agreement.