Adam Dunn is guaranteed $15 million next season. He needs 64 home runs for 500. And he is only 33 years old.

Yet Dunn the Chicago White Sox’s designated hitter says that he will consider retiring this offseason and forfeiting his remaining salary if he no longer is enjoying himself.

“I’m not coming back just to come back for money or because I have one year left (on his contract)” Dunn told FOX Sports on Tuesday. “I’m not coming back to chase home-run numbers or whatever. If I end up with 499 and I’m not having fun see ya — 499 it is.”

Dunn who turns 34 on Nov. 9 almost certainly would have a different view if the White Sox were in contention. Instead he called the team’s season “a great letdown.”

The White Sox after going 85-77 and finishing a surprising second in the American League Central last season entered Tuesday night’s play with a 56-80 record the second-worst in the American League.

The trades of right-hander Jake Peavy outfielder Alex Rios and relievers Matt Thornton and Jesse Crain have left the club’s roster considerably younger. The return of first baseman Paul Konerko a potential free agent also is uncertain though Dunn said on a national radio show recently that there was “zero chance” that Konerko would retire.

White Sox manager Robin Ventura who played 16 years in the majors said that Dunn has spoken to him about his frustration. But Ventura added: “I don’t see him not playing (next season). I’ve heard a lot of guys say that and they still play.