Balotelli clashed with journalists after being substituted during Milan's 2-0 loss to Roma on Friday night.

And reports in Italy suggest that the outburst is the final straw for the Milan hierarchy.

Sky Sport Italia pundit Giancarlo Marocchi suggested that Balotelli hadn't proved to be a top player because he still didn't move enough off the ball during the game.

Balotelli responded: "You don't understand anything about football. Trust me, you really don't.

"It isn't nice? I don't care. I don't care.

"I never said I'm a top player. I am a perfectly normal player, it will take time to become world class, but the reasons why I am not a top player are not the same reasons you think.

"Every game is different. If I didn't get near the goal once tonight, then there has to be a reason.

"You always talk about me. When Milan win Mario's great, when Milan lose it's all Mario's fault. You expect me to score five goals a game. I don't need your criticism, I make my own criticism.

"You always talk and talk, say I'm precious to Italian football, but there's no point to saying these things. No point."

The 23-year-old later took to Twitter to express his disbelief at the way he 'divides' Italy.

He said: "Mamma mia, I divide Italy in two! Amazing! While almost everyone overseas is united with me! What a strange game."